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SIXT ONE provides supply and demand partners full suite mobility solutions.

Are you looking to provide a mobility offering to your clients or employees? Do you need to reach more customers in a cost effective manner? SIXT ONE offers you the right solutions to meet your needs: 

Significant mobility demand to fleet operators

With over 20 million customers globally, SIXT is able to reliably generate sizeable demand for our supply partners. 

Single unified customer ID and payment validation

Sixt provides built in solutions to handle driver license validation and payment processing to ensure a frictionless product.

White label mobility solutions

SIXT can provide your company a white label solution to power your mobility needs.

Dedicated mobility API / SDK

Robust and flexible, our standard API’s / SDK’s allow both supply and demand partners to easily integrate with SIXT ONE.

Cloud hosted and scalable mobility solutions

SIXT ONE is a cloud based solution, enabling dynamic scalability to ensure minimum downtime and potential impact to your business.